Reece and Jez finds the ancient Egyptian orange shovel!


Reece in the traditional military garb of the Yugoslav army. He served multiple tours of duty in the Bosnian war. As a matter of fact, he was the one killing all the Muslim children.

Reece, known as Reece on the channel, is a part of the YouTube duo TheWeebMen, co-owner and co-founder of TheWeebProductions. He is also known as REECE on LUVLife891. He is new to YouTube, only starting with Jez, but is grown fond of it. He is friends and YouTube partners with Jez.

He is known to be ridiculous, which makes him funny, and the way he acts stupid, cocky, or dramatic makes him even more funny. He is also portrayed as a gamer, a lot better than Jez, and runs the segment of TheWeebProductions, known as WeebGAMEZ.

He likes playing videos games, making videos, riding his bike, and hanging out with friends. He has his own YouTube channel called Reece McClish, but doesn't post much on it.

Reece is also a faggot.

Reece's LifeEdit

Reece was an illusion created by Jez in an attempt to console himself and remove the feeling of loneliness from his life. The lifelike body doll of "Reece" was recently hit by a car, and caused the idea of Reece to cease to exist.



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