LEGENDARY ORANGE SHOVEL! is the 9th video in TheWeebProductions, the 3rd video in SEASON 1! [2013], and the 9th video in Upload Videos! It stars Reece and Jez as themselves as they discover the ancient Egyptian magical legendary powerful orange shovel...............their neighbor's toy.

This video was uploaded on February 28, 2013.


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The Legendary Shovels-The Orange ShovelEdit

The Orange Shovel is part of a legendary line of powerful toys called The Shovels, most of them lost in time and space, and the most powerful things in the universe we know of. The Orange Shovel is one of those shovels, used by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. It was used to dig up giant, wide holes to put pyramids in. At least, legend has it.

But after the Egyptians fell, The Orange Shovel was lost, and no one knew where it was. But in 2013, two boys by the names of Reece and Jez recovered it, although it was weak and its powers draining, it could still work. 


  • Reece as Himself
  • Jez as Himself
  • The Orange Shovel as Itself
  • Trivia/Notes


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