Jez does crazy stuff in little scenes using a sound-effect app!


Jez after a bout of cocaine.

Jesse, or better known as Jez, is part of the YouTube duo TheWeebMen. He is friends with Reece, who is his YouTube partner on their channel The Weeb Productions! He is the oldest of the duo, and is good at acting stupid and has a sense to dance a lot, as he is usually the one dancing if there is a dancing part of a certain video. He likes to blog, vlog, ride his bike, hang out with friends, mess around on YouTube, and listen to music.

Jez has two blogs, one vlog, and one channel. But he also partners with this channel. He says that he calls himself a professional blogger and a YouTuber. 

Jez's LifeEdit

Jez was born in Cambodia, but was adopted and brought over to America. He now resides in Kansas City, Missouri. His exact birthdate is unsure but it falls around May 1, 2001.

He has gone to private school all his life, and loves to draw, write, and blog. He's developed a new passion for making videos, and has become interested in YouTube, now with two YouTube channels.

He has a dad and a mom, and two dogs that he lives with. His friends include Reece and many others. He likes drawing, writing, riding his bike, playing video games, blogging, vlogging, YouTubing, hang out with friends, listen to music, eat food, and dance.

Jez's sexual orientation is often called into question, but it is widely speculated that he is Reece's gay lover. On multiple occasions, he was caught masturbating to pictures of Reece. Reece likes that a lot.


Jez was the first one to come up with the idea of the channel TheWeebProductions. He started the channel with Reece on February 26, 2013, and continued on from there. He was inspired from such channels as Smosh, TheRadBrad, Smosh Games, LUVLife891, and many others. He grew a passion to make videos and a interest in film and technology, especially with YouTube.